Zandra Bailey, CWEP

More than 8 years ago, I planned my own wedding. I remember creating a budget, to-do list and I was ready to get the party started. Several months into planning and a few thousand dollars over budget, I realized I didn’t have a clue about planning a wedding. There were many tasks and items missing from my list and more. I became frustrated to the point where I called off my own wedding a few weeks prior to the date. Yes you heard it right, I took off my ring and called off my wedding but that’s not the worst part because I indeed got married. 

Weeks and days leading up to my “big day”, I was working non-stop to achieve the perfect wedding of my dreams. Guess what…I did achieve the wedding of my dreams…at least that’s what I thought. I was taking non stop calls from my vendors, searched for time to make last minute "uh oh" changes, running the rehearsal, etc. Sad part is I don’t recall the details of the actual day. I was so exhausted with the process of getting married that I couldn’t enjoy the actual day of my wedding outside of looking at the photos. I was so exhausted that even on my wedding night all I could do was sleep. I didn’t get to enjoy my husband for the first night as Mrs. Bailey. Although my family stepped in to help me out tremendously but I truly wished I had hired a professional planner to plan my wedding.  

Because of my personal experience, I decided to become a Wedding & Event Planner. I never want another bride, couple or any individual to feel the way I felt in hopes of planning an event with the hopes of having a great experience. It is my personal goal to help others save time, stress and relieve them from having unwanted altercations when they should be focused on their event day. I believe you can have a great experience but you’re going to need help achieving it.